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To help you celebrate National Agriculture Week, March 21-27, 2021, staff from the Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation and Nebraska Farm Bureau have compiled a resource kit for your county to make Ag Week planning, promotion, and celebration easy.

The kit includes a list of ideas counties can use to celebrate Ag Week in their communities. You can download:

Printing Materials
We recommend that you use a local printer if you can to print any materials you need for Ag Week. To download and print locally, visit For another option, the Foundation will provide county Farm Bureaus 300 printed sheets total as requested for no cost. Cost per additional sheet is $0.14. To request printed materials, please fill out the online form or contact the Foundation or call at (402) 421-4747 before February 12. If you call, please leave a voicemail. With staff working remotely due to the pandemic, the phone is not always attended. Voicemails appear in a group inbox that is always monitored. All materials will be mailed the week of February 22.

Personalized Newspaper Ad & Media Coverage
The CSI department is offering to personalize an Ag Week newspaper ad that you can place in your county’s newspapers the week of March 21-27. All ads are 4.89 by 2.5 inch and are black and white.

If your county is planning an Ag Week event, we would be happy to help you promote it through a News Release and/or invite media to attend. Please fill out the online form, send an email to Kylee Planer at or call at (402) 421-4485 by March 1. Please contact your local newspaper to place the ad. If you want a bigger or smaller size ad, please indicate it on the form. Prices will vary depending on ad size and newspaper.

Let us know what your county is doing for Ag Week!
We would like to highlight your county activities in the Nebraska Farm Bureau News. Please email us a picture along with a description of your activities. You can email your photo(s) and information to

As always, we appreciate hearing from you and receiving your Ag Week photos from any county events you promote.

BookmarksBookmarks (5 bookmarks on 8.5"x11")

Download Bookmarks

Coloring Pages

Coloring Page

Download Coloring Page


Placemats (11"x17")

Download Placemat (Adults)

Download Placemat (Youth)

Suggested Activities

Download Activities

Newspaper Ad

sample county ad

Social Media Posts

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sample county ad

Farmers and Ranchers Deliver: Teacher Surprise Box; to encourage an activity for 2nd grade teachers

Treat teachers with a surprise box of supplies to celebrate National Agriculture Week! Although in-person events are not encouraged between County Farm Bureaus and elementary classrooms due to the coronavirus pandemic, agriculture can still be celebrated. Request a box to give to a 2nd Grade teacher in your community to encourage hands-on, fun and educational learning about Nebraska’s number 1 industry. This box comes complete with educational curriculum, resources, and supplies for teachers to lead activities on their own in the classroom. There are 100 boxes available on a first come, first serve basis. The total amount of boxes one county can request at this time is five. Staff will evaluate the number of boxes available and may release more at a later date.

The Surprise Box will include:

  • Set of A to Z Posters including: Beef, Pork, Corn, & Soy
  • Glimpse of Nebraska Agriculture Poster
  • Set of 30 Activity Books
  • Set of 30 Farm Fact Pencils
  • Corn Castle Curriculum
  • Corn Castle Poster
  • Corn Castle Supplies for 30 students
  • Set of 30 Ask Your Student Cards

Ordering and Distribution

  • Orders must be placed by February 12, 2021.
    Order Now
  • Boxes will be given to Regional Managers to distribute amongst counties or you are able to pick up the boxes at the Nebraska Farm Bureau office in Lincoln.

Join us in our Race Across Nebraska to reach every county in the state!

Nebraska Agriculture in the Classroom has reimagined Classroom Visits for classrooms this year. Just because classrooms can’t have visitors doesn’t mean they have to miss out on enhanced learning experiences! The Farmers and Ranchers Deliver: Teacher Surprise Box aligns with the AITC Classroom Visit: Corn Castles. Encourage your teacher to sign up for a Virtual Classroom Visit through Nebraska Agriculture in the Classroom. Staff have developed a lesson to connect science standards to agriculture through this lesson.

Corn Castles

Nebraska State Standard Connection: SC 2.72.A What does a plant need to grow?

Have you ever wondered what makes corn grow so big and tall? In this hands-on activity, students will explore the necessary living environments for Nebraska’s corn crop and have the opportunity to create their own corn producing eco-system with materials provided to them in an activity box sent right to the school. There is no cost to participate in this program.

Teachers can learn more and sign up at this link to participate in an AITC staff-led lesson.