About the Program

In celebration of agriculture in Nebraska, volunteers throughout the state read an agriculture themed book to elementary students in Nebraska.

Thanks to a grant from Farm Credit Services of America, the Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation can equip farmers, ranchers, FFA Chapters, 4-H Clubs, and agriculture industry leaders to read to children in their community and, in turn, donate the book to the classroom or school. The program’s mission is to increase student knowledge about the importance of agriculture in their daily lives.

2017-2018 Book

Before we eatBefore We Eat

By: Pat Brisson

Before We Eat illustrates that our food doesn’t just appear in our refrigerator or on our table. This book can be used to introduce elementary classrooms to members of Nebraska’s agricultural community who must work hard every day to produce grains, tend to animals, and transport products. Through a simple poem thanking the people who grow, transport, sell, and prepare our food, readers find out what must happen before food can get to our table.

The theme of farm-to-table provides a platform for volunteers to share their experiences in agriculture with different commodities. The book shows workers both on and off the farm, illustrating to readers the number of people and hard work it takes to provide the food on their plate.

Volunteer readers will arrange a time to read to a classroom of their choice. If you are interested in becoming a reader, please become a volunteer with the button below. The book can be picked up at the Nebraska Farm Bureau office, the Nebraska Farm Bureau Annual Convention on December 5th or mailed to you at your convenience.

We have given out all of our books out for this years Agriculture Reading Hour Program! Thank you to ALL that volunteered to read this agriculturally accurate book in your communities!

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Supplemental Activities

Use these lessons to extend student learning and share information about your farm, ranch, or involvement in agriculture.


Agricultural Products
Soy Beanie Baby


Farming in a Glove


Agriculture – The Center of an Economic Web

Past Ag Reading Hour Programs

First Peas to the Table2016-2017 Book

First Peas to the Table

By: Susan Grigsby
Grade Level: 3-5

A fun work of fiction in which a girl competes in a classroom garden competition to see who can get the ‘first peas to the table.’ Based on the contest that Thomas Jefferson held with his friends and neighbors every year, this book seamlessly integrates school gardens, history, botany, and seasonal weather themes into one fun-to-read book. Teachers may even consider modeling a classroom science project after the one featured in this book.