Nebraska Agriculture in the Classroom creates professionally designed curriculum that aligns to Nebraska State Education Content Standards using agriculture as the vehicle to teach. Each of the following curriculum guides features multiple lessons, activities, and materials to teach about Nebraska. The resources listed below can be downloaded by clicking on their link.

A Pigs TaleA Pig's Tale

Grades: 3rd
Core Subjects: Science

Through science, third grade students participate in a coherent sequence of lessons driven by questions related to real pig farming. In each lesson, students gain knowledge related to solve the question, “how does a pig grow?” Using phenomenon-based learning, learners will discover answers together to questions about the unique way pigs grow from two pounds to 270 pounds in six months. Use this curriculum to create a deeper understanding of the real-world phenomenon of pig farming in Nebraska and even take a Virtual Field Trip to a pig farm!

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apple orchardBeef It Up

Grades: 3rd, 4th
Core Subjects: Math | Language Arts

A teacher’s guide with lessons about beef cattle products, the environment, and time lines.

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apple orchardThe Science of Soy

Grade: 4th - 12th
Core Subjects: Science

This resource provides endless activities using the soybean as the vehicle to teach science. It is aligned with Nebraska Science standards to explore a growth requirement trial, pollination, DNA, and STEM.

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*Kits with the supplies necessary to perform the growth trial requirements experiment are available to any teachers that would like to use them. These kits include soybeans, plates, trays, sandwich bags, colored cellophane, and similar items. To request a kit at no charge, please contact Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation at (402) 421-4747.