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Nebraska Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC) provides classroom visits for Pre-K - 6th grade students. Customized lessons and hands-on activities provide students with opportunities to develop an awareness that agriculture is their source of food, clothing, and shelter. Each lesson is aligned to Nebraska State Education Standards within science, social studies, math, or language arts.

By participating in a Classroom Visit, students will:

  • Engage in a hands-on activity.
  • Understand that agriculture is essential to everyday life.
  • Identify agricultural animals and plants grown in Nebraska.
  • Explore learning through the lens of the food, fiber, and fuel system.

Why Agriculture?
Agriculture means survival. In Nebraska, 1 in 4 jobs are related to agriculture. Agriculture provides a rich context for Nebraska’s past and present, the environment, food production, nutrition, and economics.


Lesson Opportunities

New lessons coming soon!